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Our History

*ECOBA 92 Friends for Life* is an offshoot of the Edo College Old Boys Association. It comprises of members of the graduating set of 1992 from all arms of the set and irrespective of the grouping - Science or Arts. This association was necessitated by the need to have a common platform where old boys of this set can meet and engage in progressive activities that will be beneficial to the individual members and collectively as a group.
We believe in the spirit of togetherness and the need to keep up a relationship that started many years ago.

The group is a fully registered body and was incorporated in September 2011 with the name: *CLASS 92 EDO COLLEGE OLD STUDENTS ASSOCIATION* and has a board of trustees.
Meetings are held on a bi-monthly basis to discuss issues as they pertain to the progress of the group and its members. An annual general meeting is held once a year on the 26th of December. This is usually an avenue for all members to meet, both those at home and those in the diaspora

The group members include a vast array of professionals which is highly indicative of the successes of individual members both in the private and public sectors. We also have many of the members in diaspora who are also actively involved in the running of the association.

The association has several channels of communications which include Facebook, twitter and WhatsApp social media platforms. Members are constantly updated on the activities of the group.

The Association has duly elected Executive Committee members who do a tremendous job in ensuring that the business of the house is properly managed. Executive officers include: *Chairman, Vice chairman, General Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, Public relations officer, Welfare officer, Whip/provost and the immediate past chairman as ex-officio*. A comprehensive list of members of the committee can be found in the EXCO page.
The foundation chairman was *Mr. Frank Obaresan-Okoukoni*. Other founding members of the executive committee include *Dr. Innih Kadiri, Mr. Grant Aghedo, Mr. Courage Eweka, Mr. Eghosa Iyare, Mr. Patrick Asemota, Mr. Frank Osifo, Mr. Chidi Odiogo, and Mr. Mike Akhidenor*.

The group has since inception, successfully conducted several elections of executive committee members. The tenure of office of each elected executive committee is two (2) years. And the group is run in accordance with the group's constitution.

The association has been very actively involved in the activities of the parent body *(EDO COLLEGE OLD BOYS ASSOCIATION, NATIONAL BODY)* and has engaged in several projects which have affected the lives of the members in very positive ways. The association has also embarked on some projects in our alma mater, Edo College. These include the construction of a school boy statue in Edo College, and the construction of an NBA-sized Basket Ball court as part of our 25th graduation Anniversary celebration.
In the light of the contribution of the group to the overall development of our alma mater, Edo College, the group has received various awards of recognition and excellence from both the parent old boys association and the school authority.

The welfare of members is also of paramount importance to the group, hence the various welfare activities of the group that are geared toward supporting deserving members whenever the need arises.

ECOBA 92 is indeed a perfect description of what a brotherhood should be.


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